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Certified in EQ-i 2.0 for Leadership, workplace, Higher Education, group, and 360 assessments.

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Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach that focusses on finding solutions and a path forward from the current place.


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How do YOU win with coaching?
Coaching is a forward-motion process. Together, we pinpoint where you are now, envision where you want to be, and systematically build the path to reach your desired destination. We explore your vision and overcome obstacles that have kept you stuck, circling through unfulfilling work. You revive hope and vision to become the vibrant, fulfilled, impactful leader YOU are DESIGNED to be with focused intention.
"Being coached by Ginnie was invaluable for me.  She has the ability to listen and ask all the right questions to see beyond what I am communicating.  She pays attention not only to what is being said, but what is not being said, which  allowed me to deepen my self-awareness, which in turn set me on a pathway of growth, especially in the area of empathy.  She worked with me, as well, on my ability to express emotion and better handle interpersonal relationships with empathy.  I would recommend anyone to partner with Ginnie and experience a new lens in which to see things."
-Elizabeth Simmons, SVP of Global Sales
"Being someone not familiar with coaching I wasn’t sure what to expect working with Ginnie. I was
pleasantly surprised by insightful questions and method of helping me walk through what my goals were
and how I could manage situations in a method which worked to achieve what I was actually intending
to accomplish. I would highly recommend not only coaching, but specifically, Ginnie to any professional
who wants to gain clarity in their career and have a fuller understanding of how to manage situations
and conversations."
-Tim Penic, Regional Operations Manager
I enthusiastically endorse Ginnie Plauche as an outstanding coach with
remarkable insights. Ginnie possesses an extraordinary talent for attentive
listening and delivering feedback in a non-judgmental manner. Her skill in
posing questions that pave the way to overcoming obstacles and achieving
success is truly commendable.
My initial collaboration with Ginnie began in
September 2021, focusing on enhancing my work/life balance. Together,
we crafted goals with measurable outcomes, which I successfully attained.
Ginnie's approach, characterized by a gentle yet direct style, proved to be
highly effective in helping me recognize how my own expectations were
hindering a healthy lifestyle. She not only challenged my perspective but
did so with unwavering support and productivity. Ginnie's unique ability to
connect on both personal and professional levels establishes her as a
trusted advisor.
I wholeheartedly recommend Ginnie to anyone seeking to
uncover professional or personal motivations and in need of guidance to
set realistic and health-focused goals that promote optimal mental and
physical well-being.

Joyce Zachman
Executive Director and CEO Texas Tech Parents Association, Retired